Value Arts
You Deserve The Best

Founded in 1993, Value Arts has become a leading company of making fine Cloisonne Ornaments. The president of Value Arts, Keming Li, would like to thank all of his supporting customers for a successfully wonderful 28 years of enamel pride. Value Arts takes pride in designing centuries of ancient art and expanding it into a brand new era of innovation. Each line of design featured in Value Art’s collection is uniquely distinctive in its own way.

Value Arts also wholesales various selections of silk pouches and accessories. With brand new trends and styles changing constantly in the media, Value Arts captures both trendy yet traditional oriental designs. This Summer Value Arts proudly introduced superb hand sculptured, painted and high temperature fired porcelain ornaments.

Value Arts prides in complete 100% customer satisfaction. Value Arts values all our customers’ opinions with respect and an open mind. Your enthusiastic interest in all of our products is what gives us the warmest feeling. Therefore, that is why our relationship with our customers is a direct one to one communication. So please, feel free to contact us via e-mail, phone, or even a direct visit to let us know what you think of the pride of enamel art.